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Home Visiting Doctors

We enable you to access all healthcare services and products from the comfort of your home and all of this is just a call or click away in addition to our monthly visits.

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  • About Us

    we are here to provide more personalized home care services. We provide most the trusted and confidential in home care services for our patients. We get to know well each patient we serve and tailor care as per their needs.

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  • Diagnostics & Lab Services

    We, along with our team of professionals, offer a wide range of diagnostic services, covering a huge spectrum of medical conditions and specialty areas.We provide lab services, following a high level of standard.

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  • Referrals

    For our patients who require specialised medical care, we refer them to specialists like Cardiologist, Pain Management specialist, Pulmonologist and various other specialists as per their requirement.

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  • Why Choose Us?

    We at "Visiting Doctors" offer services to all our home bound patients through highly qualified doctors right at your doorstep every time you need one..

    Our Staff at 'Visiting Doctors' demonstrate utmost compassion and provides quality support to ensure the home bound patients receive good healthcare at home. Quality care with compassion is our Motto.

    • Regularly scheduled visits
    • Prescription renewals
    • Home Care referrals
    • Laboratory services
    • Referral to Medical Specialists
    • Monitoring Home Care Services
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